About me...


I'm Steve, I'm a regular guy and I had to create the BS Card.  When I originally planned the BS Card, I wanted to call BS on all the silliness life presents. Whether it was sales people, work silliness, relationship silliness or teenagers in general it never ceased to amaze me all the lies and shenanigans that fills our day.  I just needed something I could slap on the table and say, "Oh no you don't. That's BS!".  

The more realistic part if your experience is like mine, you will call “BS” on yourself with this card far more than you ever will with anyone else.  It amazes me how many “BS” excuses I can come up with to not go to the gym alone.

“It’s Cold”

“I have a busy day”

“I forgot my AirPods in the office”

“My ankle is sore”

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I keep a BS Card at my wallet, in my gym bag and at my desk.  (Why there are 3 in a pack) Call ”BS” on life or call “BS” on yourself, either way I hope you enjoy these products to help get your goals and speak up for yourself.



PS... I am often asked, do I call BS on my girlfriend?  The short answer is, she trumps my BS Card, How do you think the "Limited Edition" BS card was created? ;-)