About Us...

Hi, I'm Steve and I had to create the BS Card.  After years of walking around the house and the office muttering, "Where's my BS Card?" and asking for a BS Card for every holiday for the last 5 years my loved ones gave up and just told me, "You should just make one!".  I just needed something I could slap on the table and say, "Oh no you don't. That's BS!".  

So here we are.  First off, thank you for joining me on this endeavor.  Just having this card and coffee mug on my desk makes me smile.  Coworkers are constantly asking me, "Are you going to call BS on me?".   I have to say, having a card that will call someone out has improved the civil disobedience level around me.  I hope you find the same in your life after having one too.  If you have any "BS" stories or recommendations, feel free to drop me a note at steve@impacthumor.com.  Thank you for buying a BS Card and joining me in the "No BS" lifestyle. 


PS... I am often asked, do I call BS on my girlfriend?  The short answer is, she trumps my BS Card, How do you think the "Limited Edition" BS card was created? ;-)